Best 4 webhosting websites

Best 4 Web Hosting Sites

When  you start your business website and after you chose the name( Domain)  that you want to link it to your website, you will start searching for a web hosting and believe me it’s not an enjoyable things you will do, actually you will be shocked about the hosting companies and also about their services, also what the difference between all these types of hosting plans, far away from technical specifications and to tell you what to choose according to your needs, I will describe it easily to three major types and the first one is

  •    Shared hosting : think about a small house for you and your baby in a building and you willshare everything in that house with other families (companies) all the house facilities its very crowded and no space for having that advance service to control your hosting, mainly we use this shared hosting for small websites like WordPress websites, one or two websites for the same company, if you are a blogger, small business, or multiple small websites go for it, cheap cost and easy to manage from control panel, but still limited management to your hosting.


  •  VPS hosting (Virtual Private Servers): you have one room from this house, you can customize the wallpaper, new sofa and many other things with full control of your space and control panel, its mainly for professional websites and content generators websites, but its not easy to manage as shared hosting, you need a developer who will setup the hosting and software’s, database and more, but you will have more advanced power and control of your hosting.
  • Finally the dedicated hosting: it’s your house with free space to park your cars and use your garden for playing and no one can share anything with you full control and space for your website, also a private server ready to use with heavy bandwidth, you can use it for strong e-commerce website and any other portals and content websites, it’s very costly comparing with VPS and shared hosting.
    These are the main hosting services you will find mainly in any hosting service providers websites and to give you more advice about the best four I already used and its already best in market


Ehost: the best web hosting website I’m using now easy to manage and full support  and chat, also the prices is really competitive comparing to the other companies, also the great control panel is easy to use and full of features


Godaddy: it’s one of the best domain and hosting companies worldwide, they are offering customer support and chat service, I used their shared hosting when I had my first website and they were strict for hosting multiple websites and now you can do that easily


Hostgator: the giant hosting service provider I used before and I liked the most because it’s very easy for the WordPress hosting, actually they are offering a WP hosting with fast and advanced services like fast website speed and one click install, in their support they are one of the best companies that you will feel satisfied with also their control panel is great and easy to use


Ixwebhositng: is a great web hosting service provider but its less in features and control panel, if you are new and you want to use it you will get lost.


Finally you need to know what is your needs, budget and who will work on your website as an admin to decide what is the best for you, nothing is standard, and you can share your experience with us too 🙂

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